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When it comes to driving in North Bergen, New Jersey make sure that you are always following the traffic laws- major and minor! While many people are aware that the presence of points on your New Jersey driving record can cause an annoying increase in your insurance premiums, few realize the additional impact it can have on your pocketbook and driving future.

In North Bergen and all of New Jersey, if you have twelve or more points on your driving record, not only will your car insurance go up (or get dropped all together) but your license will also be suspended. It doesn’t matter if your points were the result of a series of minor infractions or major offenses, when the state sees you reach that number, you will see your driving privileges revoked. As logic would have it, the more serious the driving offense the higher number of points that will be placed on your record if you are found guilty. In addition to a suspension after twelve points, if you have six or more points within three years on your record, you will have to deal with a costly surcharge.

With that in mind, fighting your traffic tickets is almost always something you will want to do to avoid having to deal with a license suspension now or down the line. To help you get a better picture of how easy it is to rack up driving points in North Bergen here’s a look at the points attached to some common driving offenses:

  • 30+ miles over the speed limit: 5 points
  • Failure to yield to a pedestrian in a crosswalk: 2 points
  • Improper passing: 4 points
  • Improper U-turn: 3 points

Whenever you get a traffic ticket in North Bergen, the first thing you should do is get in touch with an experienced traffic ticket attorney. While paying the ticket may seem like a quick and easy way to handle the issues, it is also an admission of guilt that automatically places the points on your driving record. Working with an attorney can help you avoid the points all together or reduce the charge and points against you. The Law Offices of Thomas Carroll Blauvelt can help.

The Law Offices of Thomas Carroll Blauvelt

At the Law Offices of Thomas Carroll Blauvelt, I am here to help with all your traffic needs. I know how much you rely on the ability to drive for your personal and professional needs and the devastating impact even a short suspension can have on your everyday life. For many, working with an attorney to fight your traffic ticket actually ends up being much cheaper than paying the ticket and accepting the points on your record. Your first consultation with me is on the house so pick up the phone today and let’s work to keep you on the roads of North Bergen. I am available 24/7. I look forward to hearing from you!

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