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Driving in South Brunswick is an expensive endeavor-between your car payments, rising gas prices, car maintenance, registration and insurance it is no wonder that many people try to skimp or ignore the requirement to carry the minimum amount of car insurance at all times. But the legal reality is this: the state of New Jersey requires that all state-registered vehicles to have car insurance and disregarding this very important requirement carries some major fines and penalties-including the possibility of losing your driving privileges forever. If you have been charged with this offense you should get in touch with an experienced South Brunswick attorney immediately.

Minimum car insurance coverage requirements in South Brunswick include: $15,000 for the injury or death of one person; $30,000 for the death or injury of more than one person; $5,000 for property damage. Governed by NJSA 39:B-2, getting caught driving without insurance in South Brunswick carries the following penalties:

  • First offense: Fines between $301-$1,002; community service requirements; $250 three year DMV surcharge; insurance eligibility points
  • Second offense: Fines starting at $502; community service requirements; 2 year drivers’ license suspension; $250 three year DMV surcharge; $30 court fee; 9 insurance eligibility points

As you can see, the state of New Jersey takes this offense very seriously. So seriously that for those second time offenders, the two year license suspension is at the discretion of the court to make much longer. Like many traffic offenses, getting a conviction also means that getting insurance (or keeping your insurance) will also be a very expensive endeavor. The majority of drivers get caught driving without insurance when they get into an accident or pulled over for an unrelated offense making the whole ordeal all the more expensive.

If you have been cited with driving without insurance, get in touch with the Law Offices of Thomas Carroll Blauvelt today. This is a charge you want to fight and working with an experienced New Jersey traffic ticket attorney is your best chance of limiting the impact this major ticket has on your life.

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Thomas Carroll Blauvelt has been helping people in your very situation for over two decades. Because of the major penalties attached to getting caught driving without insurance, this is definitely a ticket you want to fight. Not only can The Law Offices of Thomas Carroll Blauvelt help with this ticket but he can also help you fight any other tickets you may have also received. Paying your ticket means you are also admitting guilt and accepting the penalties attached to your ticket so make sure you give The Law Offices of Thomas Carroll Blauvelt a call before you pay your ticket. Your first consultation with me is always free so pick up the phone today!

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