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There are a lot of ways to get pulled over for speeding in Sayreville, New Jersey including: radar guns, pace cars and officer vantage point. Radar guns are an increasingly popular way for police to pull drivers over and because they are supposed to provide an exact speed, many Sayreville police officers prefer this method of ticketing because of the purported accuracy. But just because you have been issued a Sayreville radar gun speeding ticket does not mean that you will be found guilty of the charge. Because of the many primary and secondary penalties attached to a speeding ticket (especially if this is not your first one or you were traveling well over the posted speed limit), you should get in touch with an experienced New Jersey speeding ticket attorney before paying your ticket.

Speeding tickets are by far the most common traffic ticket issued in Sayreville. While it may seem like there is no fighting a radar gun, there are viable defenses to these types of tickets, including:

  • Radar accuracy: Technologies are not perfect and a radar gun is not always correct. A popular radar gun defense is to look into whether the gun meets certain standards and has been calibrated within the required time period. If it has not, then this important (and often only) piece of evidence cannot be used against you.
  • Officer Error: Where was the office when he clocked you on the radar gun? Has the officer been properly trained to use the radar? Was the officer also driving at the time he clocked you? There are all important questions that can lead to issues with the accuracy and reliability of a radar reading.
  • Multiple Targets: In most scenarios, you were not the only one traveling at a given speed when you got pulled over by the police. When there are multiple targets, it is completely possible that the speed it says on your ticket was actually mistakenly attributed to your car.
  • Weather: Bad weather can have a major impact on the reliability of the laser beams used in radar guns. Put differently, the worse the weather the less likely the radar is going to be accurate.

At the Law Offices of Thomas Carroll Blauvelt, I know how to fight radar gun speeding tickets and will work hard to reduce or eliminate the charges against you. If you have recently received a speeding ticket in Sayreville, give me a call today and let’s fight your ticket together.

The Law Offices of Thomas Carroll Blauvelt

At the Law Offices of Thomas Carroll Blauvelt, I am here to help. Penalties attached to a speeding ticket can include everything from a suspended license to heavy fines. Working with an attorney can end up saving you time and money in the long run. I have been fighting Sayreville speeding tickets for over twenty years and I know all the available defenses. Your first consultation is always on the house so give the Law Offices of Thomas Carroll Blauvelt a call today- I look forward to working with you!

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