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Tired of waiting for a cab to take you where you want to go? Looking for an alternative source of income or a new career path altogether? So were the founders of companies like Uber and Lyft; which is exactly why they came up with on-demand transportation services that have not only helped to get people to where they want to go faster but also provided part-time and full-time work to anyone with a reliable car and a smartphone. Yet for some reason, a handful of New Jersey cities and towns not only prohibits use of this service but actually goes out of their way to ticket Uber and Lyft drivers operating within the city limits. Included in this list are: Hoboken, Newark, Elizabeth, Jersey City, Fort Lee and Weehawken.

NJSA 39:5G-1, et seq., NJSA 48:16-22, Hoboken Municipal Ordinances 180A-17.1 and 179A-7, Elizabeth Municipal Ordinances 5.20.030-what do all these ordinances and statues have in common? You guessed it-they serve as outdated rules and regulations to ban (and ticket) Uber and Lyft drivers from Hoboken, Newark, Elizabeth, Jersey City, Fort Lee and Weehawken. This is much more than a battle between traditional transportation companies and startups; it’s a court battle for those individuals trying to take advantage of the money that comes with helping to provide ride-sharing services. quotes an Uber official on the issue happening in Hoboken: “(It’s) Disappointing that Hoboken regulators have decided to use scare tactics at the behest of entrenched special interests to intimidate drivers rather than improve transportation opportunities in the community.” Other U.S. cities that currently ban ride-sharing services include Portland, Panama City Beach and San Antonio.

In my two decades of practicing law in New Jersey, I have seen many scenarios where technology outpaces the law; and this is certainly one of them! If you are an Uber or Lyft driver that has recently been ticketed by the New Jersey police, get in touch with the Law Offices of Thomas Carroll Blauvelt today to discuss your legal options.

The Law Offices of Thomas Carroll Blauvelt

With over twenty two years of experience, Thomas Carroll Blauvelt is the attorney you want fighting your frivolous ticket related to driving an Uber or Lyft in Hoboken, Newark, Elizabeth, Jersey City, Fort Lee or Weehawken. I see the value in these services as a driver and as a customer and know how frustrating a heavy fine can be when you are just trying to make so money doing something that so many other US and International cities allow. I am available 24/7 so give me a call today and let’s begin working towards a solution!

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