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Broken ribs can cause pain and other setbacks

When most people think of broken bones, a leg or arm typically pops into mind. Of course, any bone in the body could suffer a fracture, though some are harder to break than others. Still, any type of broken bone can cause pain and setbacks, and you may have recently found yourself experiencing both.

Unfortunately, your situation arose after a car accident. Though you did not suffer a broken arm or leg, you did suffer broken ribs. This type of injury can have serious side effects, and it can have lasting pain as it hurts even to breathe. As a result, you may find yourself having a hard time doing even the most basic tasks.

Cracked and broken ribs

Your injury may have resulted in cracks in one or more of your ribs that prove immensely painful when you press on the area, take a deep breath, bend or twist your body. Because your injuries resulted from a car accident, you likely sought medical attention right away. A doctor assessed your symptoms and made a diagnosis, possibly with the help of X-rays, bone scans and other tests.

Though your doctor informed you that you have broken bones, you may have felt some shock when the suggested treatment was relatively minor. After all, while putting a cast on a broken arm or leg is typical, it is not a feasible treatment for broken ribs. As a result, your doctor may have told you to rest, ice the injured area, restrict your activities and take medication for pain.


Of course, even though you know that rest and restricted activity are best for your recovery, you may still face some difficulties. You may not be able to work and could lose income as a result. You could also develop additional health issues. For example, broken ribs could prevent you from breathing deeply, and shallow breathing increases the risk of developing pneumonia.

Like all broken bones, broken ribs are a serious injury. Because numerous setbacks can result from this type of injury, you may want to consider pursuing compensation from the driver considered at fault for the accident. A successful personal injury claim could allow you to obtain monetary restitution for lost wages, medical bills, pain and suffering, and other damages resulting from the incident permitted under New Jersey law.

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