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Hard-braking events may raise frequency of car collisions

You were driving in or around East Brunswick, New Jersey, and you found yourself in an accident with a negligent or reckless driver. Let’s say that your losses are so severe that PIP insurance will not cover them. In that case, you may have good grounds for a claim against that driver’s auto insurance company.

In this state, victims of a two-car crash who are 50% or less at fault can be eligible for damages, so the question now is what the degree of fault is on both sides. For example, did you rear-end the driver after he or she cut in front of you? Did you brake hard? Hard braking could signify that you yourself were inattentive and therefore partially to blame.

What Allstate says about hard braking

Allstate has suggested in its 2019 America’s Best Drivers Report that there is a correlation between how many times a driver brakes hard and how often he or she gets in a collision. The auto insurer showed this in its ranking of the 200 most populated U.S. cities.

At the bottom was Baltimore, Maryland, the most dangerous city for drivers. Drivers would brake hard more than 30 times per 1,000 miles and be in a collision, by which is meant a crash that leads to a property damage claim, every four years. The national averages are 19 hard-braking events per 1,000 miles and a collision every 10.57 years. The safest city was Brownsville, Texas, with drivers experiencing a collision every 15 years.

Where the data has come from

The auto insurer analyzed collisions and property damage claims that arose between January 2016 and December 2017. The hard-braking data came from the drivers who had voluntarily joined in Allstate’s Drivewise telematics program in those two years.

Legal assistance with your claim

So you believe you have good grounds for a personal injury claim. Still, you may face opposition from the insurance company and be forced into accepting a lower settlement than you deserve. This is where having legal representation may be beneficial. It all starts with a case assessment.

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