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Has your drinking problem jeopardized your CDL?

Everyone who gets convicted of driving under the influence (DUI) faces restrictive and negative consequences for their bad decision to drink and get behind the wheel. But when that convicted drunken driver is a commercial truck driver, it can be a life-changing experience.

The state of New Jersey is tough on DUI offenders, and even more so when that person holds a valid CDL license to pilot a big rig down the highway. For those reasons, if you are a New Jersey trucker, a DUI conviction should be avoided whenever possible.

Stiff penalties await CDL drivers with DUI convictions

Keep in mind that the DUI doesn’t have to take place while you were in the cab of your semitruck. The penalties for the offense are just as serious when you are on your off time and driving your own passenger vehicle.

Below are some of the repercussions truck drivers face after racking up a conviction for drunken driving:

  • First offense DUI convictions mandate a 90-day to s one year suspension of your basic license, as well as a non-negotiable year’s suspension of your CDL.
  • Second offense DUI convictions suspend your basic driver’s license for two years. But your CDL will be permanently revoked.

That’s a life-changing consequence. Your earning power can tank, and you will have to scramble to find another way to earn a living in a field other than the trucking industry.

Can you beat a DUI charge in court?

While it can be a real challenge to beat a DUI conviction, it is far from impossible. Your defense strategy depends on the circumstances of your arrest, but your DUI defense attorney can mount evidentiary challenges whenever possible to get you acquitted.

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