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How do I get my driver’s license back after the suspension?

The suspension of your driver’s license may seem like the end of the road, especially if you drive for a living. Even if driving is not your occupation, how are you supposed to get to work, drop and pick up kids from school or run errands if you cannot drive?

The process of restoring a suspended driver’s license begins by understanding why you lost your driving rights in the first place. From a DUI conviction to reckless driving to expired insurance, there are all kinds of reasons why you may lose your driver’s license in the Sunshine state.  

Here are the steps you need to take when restoring a suspended driver’s license:

Follow all the rules of your suspension

Never operate a motor vehicle with a suspended driver’s license. Doing so is a traffic violation that will only worsen the situation if you are caught. 

Understand the reason for the suspension 

The suspension report will indicate the reasons why your license was suspended. If your license was suspended following a DUI conviction and the judge ordered you to take rehabilitation classes, be sure to do so. Likewise, if you had an unpaid fine or ticket, be sure to pay the fine in question. 

Consider disputing the reason for the suspension

There are numerous reasons why you may lose your New Jersey driver’s license. Knowing your rights under the law and taking the right steps can help you restore your suspended driver’s license. With the right legal guidance, you may be able to get your driving privileges restored.


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