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Common hidden injuries after an auto accident

When a car accident occurs, your body enters a fight or flight mode, releasing adrenaline and other hormones to help you deal with the stress. Even though the hormones themselves aren’t dangerous, they can mask potential injuries you have experienced. 

Even minor auto accidents can cause serious injuries. It’s essential to get checked by a medical professional after an auto accident, even if you feel fine. There’s a good chance your body is hiding injuries from you, and without treatment, they may get worse or present other issues. 

Common hidden injuries after an auto accident are listed here:

Neck injuries

A common injury after an auto accident is whiplash. This occurs when your neck moves forward and back quickly due to the collision. This action can cause different soft tissue damages that may not be painful immediately. You may experience pain and discomfort for months or years after the accident without treatment. 

Brain injuries

The force of an impact may also cause a concussion, which is a type of TBI (traumatic brain injury). Signs you may have a concussion after an auto accident include fatigue, headache, dizziness, confusion, tinnitus, nausea and memory issues. 

Internal damage

Internal bleeding isn’t always obvious right after an accident. However, if this happens, the injury can be life-threatening. Sometimes signs of this don’t show up until you are in a serious state. 

Protect yourself and your rights

Seeking medical attention right after an auto accident will ensure that any hidden injuries are found and treated. It will also provide documentation of your injuries, which can be beneficial if you choose to file a lawsuit against the at-fault party in an accident to recover compensation. 

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