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5 safety tips for traveling this holiday season

Many people travel to see friends and family members during the holiday season. The increase in traffic means that everyone on the roads needs to ensure they’re driving safely. 

There are several things that drivers and their passengers can do to get to their destination without incident:

1. Prepare for the trip

Ensure the vehicle is ready for the trip and everyone has what they need. It’s a good idea to pack up an emergency kit with things like water, nonperishable food and safety items that you might need if you’re stranded on the road.

2. Buckle up

Everyone in the vehicle must buckle up. Children should be in appropriate safety seats. Additionally, be sure that you secure everything in the vehicle.

3. Keep distractions at bay

Distractions can claim lives. Drivers should only pay attention to the road. Occupants of the vehicle shouldn’t do anything that would make the driver focus on them. Drivers with young children should try to have someone with them to help care for them. 

4. Respect others

Leave space between your vehicle and others on the road. It takes longer to stop at higher speeds or if the roads are slick. 

5. Take your time

Make sure you leave with ample time to make it where you need to go. Wintry precipitation on the roads can make traveling difficult. Drivers who have to rush are more likely to make errors while they drive. They may also be more aggressive, which can also cause crashes.

Even the most responsible and safest drivers are at the mercy of others on the road. Seeking compensation for the medical bills, missed wages and other damages related to the crash is possible if another driver’s negligence was a cause of the crash. 

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