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Could a social media career land you in trouble with the law?

The YouTube phenomenon has made wealthy Internet stars out of many Americans. Those willing to work hard to attract a loyal audience could earn hundreds of thousands annually.

Filmmaking may be an enjoyable way to earn an income, but it could pose a few legal risks if you are not careful. Those operating prank or stunt-style channels without knowledge of New Jersey laws are especially vulnerable to legal problems. Avoiding actions like those below when filming your content could lower your risk substantially.

Trespassing on another’s property

Fans of video entertainment thrive on excitement and lots of action but be careful how you meet their demands for more. Avoid illegally entering property or locations that belong to individuals, businesses or the government. Before filming on a property other than yours, seek permission or look elsewhere for a suitable location.

Filming or performing unlawful acts

The physical prank culture of the early 2000s made punishing the human body fun and profitable. However, it is important to note that the cast members of certain shows agreed to undergo these potentially dangerous events. It is unwise to perform pranks or endanger others while filming stunts. You might face assault charges.

Making or filming explosives

Science-based entertainment is popular among YouTube fans and is typically a safe avenue of pursuit. Unfortunately, you may inadvertently break the law by creating explosives and setting them off in prohibited zones. Check your state laws and city ordinances before you film potentially dangerous science experiments.

Explore your defense options if the worst happens and your filmmaking career leads to criminal charges. With guidance, you can minimize the potential consequences of a conviction.

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