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How to brake effectively in your vehicle 

Most modern vehicles are now fitted with braking technology such as Anti-lock braking systems (ABS). Nonetheless, human input is still very important. Braking effectively can be the difference between being in a crash and avoiding one. At the very least, efficient braking gives you a chance to slow down and potentially avoid more serious injuries.

Outlined below are some tips on how to brake effectively in your vehicle. 

The engine matters as well 

People often forget that the engine and transmission can play a key role in slowing down efficiently. If you let your foot off of the gas, then the car will begin to slow down. The same can be said if you start shifting down through the gears. That’s not to say that stepping off the gas in itself is enough to slow a car down efficiently, but when used in conjunction with the brake pedal, these techniques can make braking much more efficient. 

Steady pressure is key 

One common mistake that drivers make is thinking that standing on the brakes as hard as possible is the most efficient way to slow down or stop. Actually, this can be counterproductive, even with ABS. The key to effective braking is smooth and steady pressure. It helps to spot things early and not react with force when it’s too late. This brings us to our next efficient braking tip.

Safe following distances 

As mentioned, the key to efficient braking is reacting early to hazards rather than last minute. Implementing the recommended safe following distance of three seconds can help with this. This means that if a vehicle in front of you slows down quickly or makes a sharp turn, you have an adequate amount of time to respond. 

Sadly, even if you take every possible safety precaution, a negligent driver may still crash into you. If you have been injured this way, then personal injury compensation could be a viable option.  

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