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You could still face marijuana charges in New Jersey

Like many other states, New Jersey has changed marijuana laws in recent years. Marijuana can now be sold legally for adult recreational use. It is no longer illegal simply to possess or use this drug within the state.

That said, people will sometimes assume this means you can’t get arrested for any reason, as if there are no longer regulations surrounding marijuana. This is not true. There are still many regulations and reasons you could face arrest, even though marijuana is legal for recreational use.

The age limit

For instance, you have to be at least 21 years old to buy recreational marijuana. If you try to make a purchase while you are underage, or if you share marijuana products with someone who is under 21, then you could face arrest.

Sale restrictions

Additionally, only a licensed cannabis dispensary can sell marijuana products. Individuals may be able to grow marijuana, but they can’t sell it. You often can share the products without issue, if you’re just sharing a small amount for personal use. But unauthorized sales could cause you to face charges.

Possession limits

Finally, there are some limits regarding how much of a certain substance you can have at one time. For instance, with edibles like gummies, the limit is 1,000mg. With dried flour, the limit is 28.35 grams, or one ounce. The purchase, possession or sale of totals over these amounts can become legally problematic.

Are you facing drug charges in New Jersey and worried about the impact that they could have on your life? Take the time to carefully look into your criminal defense options.


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