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NJ Driving While Suspended

Monroe, New Jersey is a beautiful place to work, live and shop. And to really enjoy all that Monroe has to offer you need to drive. Losing your ability to drive in Monroe can be an incredibly frustrating and financially draining experience. Imagine how much longer it will take to get to work if you have to take public transportation? Or how difficult it will be to pick your children up from school if you can’t drive? Or how much you will need to rely on friends and family to get basic errands done? But you should not make matters worse by driving on a suspended license. If you have been caught for this offense, working with an experienced driving while suspended attorney can help you fight or limit the penalties you are facing.

Here’s a look at some of the penalties attached to a Monroe driving while suspended conviction:

  • First Offense: Fines up to $500
  • Second Offense: Fines up to $750 and 1-5 days in jail
  • Third Offense: Fines up to $10,000 and up to ten days in jail

Almost every driving while suspended ticket is the result of getting pulled over for another offense. For instance, you got pulled over for rolling a stop sign and the police quickly found out you had a suspended license when they ran your information. If you are involved in a personal injury accident with a suspended license you can face 45-180 days in jail in addition to steep fines. Unfortunately, getting caught driving with a suspended license will only prolong the inconvenience of not being able to drive. And the expenses just keep going up. This is not a charge you simply want to accept– get in touch with the Law Offices of Thomas Carroll Blauvelt today and fight the charges against you.

The Law Offices of Thomas Carroll Blauvelt

Working with the Law Offices of Thomas Carroll Blauvelt can ultimately save you time and money. Even for a first offense you will likely get your license suspended by an additional six months. It is my goal to fight the charges against you and get you back on the road as soon as possible. Let my two decades of experience work for you. I know the toll this can have on your personal and professional life and am here to help. Your first consultation with me is always on the house, so don’t hesitate to give me a call-the sooner you act the better! I look forward to speaking with you!

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