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Drowsy truckers are sometimes deadly drivers

Professional truck drivers spend a lot of time behind the wheel of their rig. Even though driving is what they do for a living, they can still become too fatigued to operate the semitruck safely. It’s imperative that these drivers get off the road when they begin to feel drowsy.

The issue with this is that trucking companies sometimes set unrealistic deadlines for the truckers. This encourages them to try to drive despite their fatigue. These truckers do have one thing on their side: The Hours of Service regulations set by the federal government. These limit the number of hours the truckers can drive and sets specific requirements for rest breaks between driving shifts. 

Why is fatigued trucking dangerous?

Truckers who are tired might fall asleep at the wheel, which could lead to a catastrophic crash. Even if they try to remain awake, they might have a slowed reaction time to obstacles when they’re driving. They may not be to take appropriate action to avoid crashes. 

There are many myths about ways people can keep themselves awake to continue driving. None of these, including rolling down the windows or playing the radio, are effective. The only way to combat fatigue is to sleep, so truckers should be empowered to stop when they feel necessary.

Being struck by a semitruck can lead to serious injuries. It’s imperative that anyone who’s in this position take the time to get a medical evaluation, even if they feel like they didn’t suffer an injury. For those who have injuries, seeking compensation is a must. That may be the only way to provide for your needs and cover your losses. 

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