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Creating a defense against drug possession in New Jersey

Although the nation continues relaxing its stance against possessing certain substances, you can still face trouble if you are caught with drugs. For example, it is no longer illegal to have and consume marijuana in New Jersey. However, residents must still follow the laws governing cannabis.

Under state law, adults may now possess and consume up to six ounces of weed or 17 grams of hashish without suffering criminal penalties. Harder drugs like heroin, cocaine and methamphetamine remain illegal. A conviction for possessing these substances can lead to harsh consequences.

Building the best criminal defense for your situation

Defending yourself against drug offenses is your constitutional right. Many defendants do not believe they can mount a solid defense. However, one of the defense options discussed below could lessen the severity of your charges. In some situations, it may even be possible to overcome your legal problems altogether.

  • The police violated your rights when searching for or seizing drugs. Like other American citizens, law enforcement personnel must abide by the law each time they make an arrest.
  • It is hard to believe, but sometimes drug evidence is misplaced during investigations. Without the drugs in question, prosecutors may have a harder time acquiring a conviction.
  • Occasionally, having the material analyzed reveals that it is not even an illegal substance. Such an analysis, accompanied by testimony from the analyst, could be all you need to overcome your situation.

If none of the defenses above match the details of your case, you may have to work harder to defend yourself. Partnering with a respected and experienced legal advocate gives you a better chance of building an effective criminal defense. Learning more about the laws and the possible penalties for East Brunswick drug offenses can also strengthen your defense.

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