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When can you call a sobriety test into question?

People who are facing drunk driving charges in New Jersey need to ensure that they famialirize themselves with the law in this area. Checking out all the possible defense strategies is part of this process. One thing that might come into the picture is the sobriety test that’s used in the case.

The basis of these cases is sometimes the breath test that was done to determine the blood alcohol concentration. It’s sometimes possible to call those results into question as part of a defense strategy.

What point might be called into question regarding breath tests?

One of the primary reasons why a breath test might be called into question is the calibration of the breath test equipment. This is important because a machine that isn’t calibrated correctly can produce incorrect results, which could lead to the wrongful arrest of an individual.

There should be maintenance and calibration records available for the breath test machine. Reviewing this to ensure they meet with the manufacturer’s guidelines, as well as jurisdictional policies, is imperative. Anything that’s amiss should become a part of the defense strategy because it’s reasonable to think that the results weren’t correct unless there is another chemical test, such as a blood or urine test to back up the results of the breath test.

Anyone who’s facing drunk driving charges should ensure they’re exploring their options for a defense. Working with someone who can help you with this is important so they can determine what’s in your best interests and get moving with a plan. Doing this swiftly is important since some options have time limits. 

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