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Getting booze past New Jersey cops is harder than you may think

Everyone likes to party from time to time, but some people prefer to do so away from home. To some, this means drinking out on the road, in a public outdoor setting or at one of New Jersey’s amazing beaches.

However, the state is known for its harsh alcohol laws. Those who decide to test the resolve and dedication of police officers could find themselves facing DUI/DWI charges or other alcohol-related charges.

Public consumption laws are changing

Early in 2022, the governor approved a law allowing municipalities to designate areas where the public can drink alcohol legally. If you are already planning a trip to a park or other location where you can drink outdoors, it is best to wait.

The law is so new that most townships have yet to designate such areas. Trying to hide your alcohol from the cops until municipalities assign these areas will likely fail and could lead to costly tickets and other legal troubles.

Driving while intoxicated is still a severe offense

Many people believe that putting their alcoholic beverage in a reusable water bottle will save them from a DUI or DWI. In most situations, this approach fails because you may be showing signs of driving under the influence.

If the police see you weaving between lanes, driving too fast or too slowly, it gives them probable cause to pull you over. During a valid traffic stop, officers may be permitted to search your car and your belongings, including your camouflaged alcohol container.

When facing an East Brunswick DWI, DUI or public consumption/intoxication charges, explore your defense options instead of accepting your fate. Early action can help you overcome your situation. At the very least, it may be possible to reduce the severity of your circumstances.

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