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3 tips to stay safe on a long drive

With spring finally arriving, you might be planning longer drives as you venture beyond the house more often than you have in months. The extra daylight and improved weather make visiting relatives or far-off sites of interest a more attractive proposition.

Yet the longer journeys required to get “there and back” mean weathering hazards that are often associated with traveling longer distances on U.S. roads. Here are a few tips to help you stay safe during long springtime drives.

1. Get plenty of rest before setting off

This can be challenging, as, like most people, you probably lead a busy life. Yet, switching off the TV and phone and going to bed earlier than usual the night before a long drive makes a lot of sense. It reduces the chance you might be overcome by fatigue on the road. The same applies before your return journey. While it might be tempting to maximize your time away by staying up late and taking advantage of being away from home, doing so might mean that you never make it back.

2. Set your vehicle up before moving

Fiddling with your seat, the radio or the satnav when moving is unwise, as it takes your attention away from the road. The same applies to rummaging around in your bag for sunglasses or a bottle of water. Try to have everything ready before you set off.

3. Avoid the temptation to push on

If your GPS indicates that you only have one hour left until you reach your destination, you might be tempted to keep going even if you know you should take a break. While stopping will cost you time, failing to stop for rest could cost you far more if your fatigue results in a crash.

Unfortunately, many drivers don’t make the efforts detailed above. If one of them injures you in a collision, you’ll want to seek legal guidance to explore the possibility of pursuing compensation.

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