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What to know about transporting marijuana across state lines

It is no longer illegal, in most cases, to possess marijuana in New Jersey. There are still limits under the new law, but adults are allowed to have 6 ounces or less.

This is a reflection of how marijuana laws have been changing across the country. In many states, there are dispensaries where these products can be purchased in the same way that a person would buy a bottle of wine or a six-pack of beer. They just have to present their ID and show that they are over 21 years old.

Even when a purchase was made legally, whether in New Jersey or in another state, it is still illegal to cross state lines with marijuana products. This is because the federal ban on marijuana has not yet been lifted.

How this affects those who travel for work

One example of a profession in which this may be very important is that of a truck driver. They may have to travel to other states for work. A truck driver who legally possesses marijuana in New Jersey could suddenly find themselves in violation of the law as they cross into another state, which is still operating on older marijuana laws where it remains illegal. Additionally, a truck driver who visits a legal state and then continues driving across the country would be violating federal laws with each state line that they crossed.

It’s definitely possible for someone to make an innocent mistake, thinking that they purchased and possessed these products legally. However, their CDL and even their freedom could be in jeopardy if they are arrested. It’s crucial to understand what legal defense options you have.

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