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Who can seek adjudication in the New Jersey recovery courts?

New Jersey drug charges can put someone in a difficult position. If they plead guilty, they will have a criminal record and be subject to penalties imposed by a judge. If they go to trial, they may have an uphill battle trying to overcome the state’s evidence and raise a reasonable doubt about their criminal activity. 

Those accused of a drug offense in New Jersey have more than just those two options. Sometimes, they can request adjudication in the New Jersey recovery courts. These courts are an alternative to criminal trials that can help people avoid a criminal record and other consequences of a drug conviction. 

Who might be eligible for recovery court proceedings in New Jersey? 

Recovery courts help people treat substance abuse issues

There is a strong connection between addiction and criminal prosecution. New Jersey recognizes that connection by offering a judicial alternative for non-violent drug offenders. Those with alcohol-related substance abuse disorders may also qualify for recovery court proceedings. 

The New Jersey recovery courts allow those accused of a non-violent offense related to a substance abuse issue to avoid criminal convictions without going to trial. The recovery court process requires counseling, drug screenings and close court monitoring; those accused of nonviolent drug offenses can seek to gain control over substance abuse disorder that contributed to their criminal activity. 

Successful completion of the recovery court process will help people avoid both a lifelong criminal record and the significant penalties the courts could impose after a conviction. Exploring alternatives, including recovery court, could benefit those facing drug-related charges in New Jersey.

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