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Driving near large commercial trucks poses many hazards

Most trucks allowed to operate on public roadways do not seem very threatening, especially compared to tractor-trailers. However, accidents involving dump trucks happen nevertheless, often leaving victims with severe or catastrophic injuries.

Like other trucks, these utilitarian vehicles pose specific auto accident hazards to nearby motorists and pedestrians. Here are a few reasons dump truck accidents can occur.

Multiple blind spots

Semi-trucks have blind spots that make it hard for the operator to see vehicles and obstacles. However, many dump trucks have extensive blind spots, usually along the sides and rear end (and sometimes in front). Many truck accidents happen because a passenger auto entered a blind spot, and the trucker failed to notice they were there.

Prone to overturning

All large, ungainly automobiles, including the dump truck, have an increased risk of rollover accidents. Some reasons they can tip so easily include shifting cargo (sand, gravel, etc.), high center of gravity and extremely heavy or tall loads. Those who are traveling nearby when a dump truck overturns risk becoming involved and suffering severe injuries.

Loose and falling cargo

Did you know New Jersey does not have tarping laws requiring trucking companies and truckers to cover open loads? That means rocks, gravel or whatever the dump truck is hauling could spill onto the roadway and cause an accident. Even without a tarping law, truck operators must ensure the security of their cargo to prevent it from hurting anyone.

Knowing how and why the accident that injured you happened can help you identify all parties (trucker, their employer, parts manufacturer, etc.) who might have contributed to your truck accident. That can improve your odds of getting what you deserve under New Jersey injury law.

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