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Two everyday traumatic brain injury risks we all face

Traumatic brain injuries (TBIs) are often associated with high-impact sports, but the reality is they can strike from many different corners. While playing sports like football remains a significant contributor, it is crucial to understand other TBI risks.

What you learn may equip you to recognize and avoid dangerous situations. Just as importantly, it can help guide you if you have already suffered a TBI.

A slip or trip and fall

It sounds so insignificant – you stumble in a parking lot, and down you go. But do not underestimate the possible outcome of a seemingly minor fall. Many people suffer concussions and other brain injuries during the incident but may not experience symptoms for hours or days.

Your neighbors, the commercial establishments you patronize and even government offices must ensure that their property is reasonably safe for guests and customers. When they fail, the injured can seek compensation for brain and other injuries.

Motor vehicle accidents

You may know that vehicle collisions and pedestrian accidents often lead to brain injuries, but you may not realize that accidents need not be severe to cause them. For example, a low-speed collision could generate just enough force for you to hit your head on the steering wheel, resulting in an injury.

Again, after any blow to your head, a thorough exam can confirm or rule out a TBI to ensure that you account for the injury (and its impact) in your accident claim.

Knowing how brain injuries can happen and who may be liable for your helps you prepare a successful compensation claim. Learning more about New Jersey injury and negligence laws and getting experienced legal guidance may strengthen your claim.

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