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Breath Test

An Alcotest blood alcohol content (BAC) reading of .08 or above while driving in New Jersey can lead to serious consequences. New Jersey police are constantly on the lookout for drunk drivers. To determine with such specificity if a driver is over the legal limit in New Jersey, police will often request that the driver take a breath test, which measures a driver’s blood alcohol level by determining the amount of ethanol (a key ingredient in alcohol) in his or her breath. Breath tests are just one of a handful of tests that you consented to taking when the state agreed to give you your driver’s license. You must take a breath test in New Jersey if you are stopped on a public road. Refusal to take a breath test during a New Jersey DWI/DUI public road investigation can result in additional consequences on top of a potential DWI conviction, including suspended license and heavy fines.

Known as the Drager Alcotest model 7110, New Jersey’s newest breath test provides two BAC readings: one that uses infrared absorption and one that uses electrochemical technology. N.J.S.A. 39:4-50.3 and State v. Chun, 194 NJ 54, NJ Supreme Court, outline the requirements for a proper breath test and training by an administering officer. But mistakes happen — more often than you think!

There are many viable defenses to one or both of these readings, including:

  • Operator error or improper training
  • Lapsed operator certification
  • Observational error
  • Improper calibration of the machine
  • Electronically or radio frequency interference (RFI) affected results
  • Failure to tolerate results

When readings are questionable, an effective defense attorney challenges their admissibility as evidence, which can serve as a major blow to the prosecution’s case. If you refused a breath test or had a reading above the legal limit, all is not lost. Working with an attorney to fight your charge can help get you the best results possible. Give the Law Offices of Thomas Carroll Blauvelt, LLC, a call today to discuss your case.

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