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Suspended License/MVC Scheduled Suspension

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Suspended License/MVC Scheduled Suspension

Received A Notice? You Can Challenge The Suspension, But Time Is Limited!

You could lose your driver’s license as a result of a simple driving mistake, and the loss could have a significant impact on your daily life. Even getting to work suddenly becomes an arduous task. A quick call to an attorney can help you avoid the loss of your driving privileges. With a call to the Law Offices of Thomas Carroll Blauvelt, LLC, at 877-676-7729, it can be much cheaper than you think.

“I’m way too familiar with New Jersey traffic court, from representing myself to using discount attorneys to using the best. Don’t waste your time or money elsewhere. Everyone knows how important having a license is. With New Jersey not even having hardship licenses to allow a suspended driver to commute to work and home, these violations are nothing to play around with. When your job, family’s well-being and life are on the line, only the best will do.” — Nik, a former client

I have spent the past two decades advocating for drivers in New Jersey. I always provide honest advice about what you can expect. I will work with the Motor Vehicle Commission (MVC) to help you address your current situation, as well as any prior offenses that may have contributed to a suspended license.

A History Of Results

In prior cases,* I helped my clients obtain exceptional outcomes at their MVC hearings, including:

  • Elimination of entire 180-day and 90-day suspensions
  • Reduction of 600-day suspension periods to 90 days
  • Reduction of 180-day suspension periods to 10 days
  • Postponement of license suspensions
  • Removal from probationary driver program

What Could Lead To A License Suspension?

Common reasons for the MVC to issue a scheduled suspension notice include:

  • Fraud such as using another individual’s valid driver’s license
  • Third-offense cellphone violation, resulting in up to 90-day suspension
  • Being at fault in a fatal accident
  • 12 or more points on your driving record
  • Physical or medical issues
  • Violating a traffic law while on probation by the MVC
  • Failure to pay fines assessed under the New Jersey Surcharge Violation System
  • Driving while under the influence of alcohol or drugs
  • Reckless driving

With advanced technology, the MVC has become even more efficient at tracking possible violations. The agency’s first reaction is to suspend your license. My first reaction is to avoid that possibility.

Waste No Time | Call Me Seven Days A Week

If you have received an MVC scheduled suspension notice, do not wait to contact me. Call 877-676-7729 or send me your information online. We can get started on challenging the suspension immediately.

I am a hands-on lawyer who will work with you to accommodate your needs and obtain the results that you want.

*The above case results are individual results and do not guarantee the results of any future matters.

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