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Medical Reasons

The state of New Jersey wants safe drivers on the road. With that very obvious logic in mind, some of the reasons for suspending a drivers’ license don’t really have to do with bad behavior on the road but with a concern over a driver’s ability at times (or always) to drive safely.

Car accidents represent the NO. 1 cause of injury-related deaths in individuals between the ages of 65 and 74. In addition to concerns about old age affecting a driver’s ability to follow the rules of the road, NJSA 39:3-10.4 places an affirmative obligation on physicians to report certain conditions that are of concern in a driver. Common reasons the state may suspend your license for medical reasons include: lapse of consciousness disorders, eyesight issues, and old age and heart conditions. Whether the state suspends your license really is an individual determination based on many factors. If a minor or major car accident doesn’t signal to the DMV to check a driver, a concerned physician or family member will usually provide the necessary notification to begin the process.

Medical driver’s license suspension is unique, in that they are really not aimed at punishing a driver at all; rather, they are aimed at keeping the roads safe and limiting known medical issues that are common causes of accidents. In many instances, a driver can take exams that prove their ability to drive or can work with the New Jersey MVC to place agreeable restrictions on his or her license to limit safety concerns. For instance, a driver with eyesight issues may be allowed to drive only during certain hours.

When you receive a New Jersey MVC driver’s license suspension notice in the mail, you may be shocked and even offended by this pending loss of independence. The notice will state the exact reason for the suspension but it will also provide you with the ability to contest it by requesting a hearing on the matter. This hearing represents your chance to prove to the judge why you should be able to drive, the impact losing your license will have on your life and assuage the medical concerns that led to the suspension in the first place. Working with an experienced attorney can help get you the results you want and keep you driving!

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