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Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI)

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A TBI Can Change Your Life. You Deserve Compensation.

One of the most common injuries from any kind of accident is a traumatic brain injury (TBI). It also can be one of the most life-changing injuries. Recovering from a TBI can keep you out of work for a long time while you receive expensive medical treatment.

Regardless of the type of accident that caused your TBI, you deserve financial compensation to ease your recovery. At the Law Offices of Thomas Carroll Blauvelt, LLC, I am here to give you the help you need. For over 28 years, I have advocated for injured individuals to obtain the full compensation they need for a smooth and healthy recovery.

Over two decades, I have recovered millions for clients just like you. Call my office in East Brunswick at 877-676-7729 for a free consultation, and I will travel to you across New Jersey.

The Wide Range Of TBIs

You could suffer a TBI from many accidents, including serious falls or motor vehicle accidents. They can range from a concussion to tearing of the brain stem, or even death. These injuries can be mild or severe, with symptoms, including:

  • Headaches or confusion
  • Nausea to repetitive vomiting
  • Too much or too little sleep
  • Sensory changes
  • Changes in mood or emotions
  • Seizures or paralysis
  • Difficulty speaking or moving

These symptoms can last for a year or longer. Costs of receiving immediate medical care and long-term rehabilitative therapy can quickly add up to thousands of dollars. If a TBI results in a permanent disability, then the physical, emotional and financial costs could be even more.

Recovering Your Rightful Compensation

If you sustained a TBI in an accident due to another’s negligence, you should not have to pay a cent. I will secure all the necessary compensation you deserve from the negligent parties. This includes all immediate or future medical costs, as well as reimbursement for lost wages. It takes an experienced law firm to secure the full and fair compensation you deserve. However, I can also identify short-term and long-term costs of TBI treatment to make sure you receive the maximum compensation and care you need.

It is my goal to understand your needs and fight for the results that meet those needs. You can depend on me to protect your best interests, while you focus on healing.

Contact An Advocate You Can Trust

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