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There is a reason that the state of New Jersey requires individuals who drive a commercial vehicle to also have a CDL license because these vehicles frequently transport passengers or cargo for their business, the state wants to ensure that these drivers are properly trained and safe drivers. A New Jersey DWI/DUI charge for a commercial vehicle driver is handled differently than a normal DWI and carries stiffer penalties if found guilty, not to mention the effect a conviction will have on a driver’s ability to continue working as a commercial vehicle driver.

N.J S.A. 39:3-10.13 provides the basis for New Jersey DWIs as they relate to commercial drivers. A commercial driver can be convicted of a DWI with BAC as low as .04 percent (note that this is half the legal limit for noncommercial drivers). Double punishments are what many CDL licensed drivers face in a DWI situation-punishments attached to their CDL license and punishments attached to their noncommercial license. Penalties for a DWI conviction while driving on a CDL license can include:

  • Jail time: Jail time is always an option for the judge to attach to a DWI and one they will enhance when it involves a commercial vehicle DWI.
  • Fines: Getting a DWI/DUI in New Jersey is expensive. Getting a DWI with a commercial license is even more expensive.
  • Loss or suspension of drivers’ license: A minimum one-year CDL license suspension in addition to a potential three to 12 months license suspension of their noncommercial license. Multiple offenders face even stiffer penalties. As you can see, getting a DWI in these circumstances has a major impact on your personal and professional life. The CDL license suspension can be permanent when the DWI involves injury or death or there have been multiple convictions.
  • Other: Community service, alcohol and drug education classes and ignition interlock devices are just some of the additional punishments attached to a conviction.

Just because you are charged with a DWI does not mean that you will be convicted of one. With so much on the line, working with an experienced New Jersey DWI/DUI attorney is your best chance of reducing or eliminating the charges against you. Do not let a DWI charge have a larger impact on your life than it should by simply accepting the charges against you. Give the Law Offices of Thomas Carroll Blauvelt, LLC, a call today at 877-676-7729 or email me.

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A CDL DWI while driving a commercial vehicle is a very serious charge that has major consequences for your personal and professional life if you are convicted of the offense. As a former DWI prosecutor and DWI public defender, I have the experience you want on your side. I have successfully had many DWI cases dismissed or reduced and will fight hard to get you the results you want. If you are dealing with a DWI/DUI with a CDL, give me a call today. I am available seven days a week. I look forward to speaking with you!

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