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Out-Of-State Drivers

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Out-Of-State Drivers

Have To Deal With A Traffic Ticket Out Of State? I Can Help You.

New Jersey law enforcement officers don’t care if you live in the state or are just visiting. They don’t care that you may have to drive 10 hours or get on an airplane to contest a traffic ticket. If you disobey a traffic law, they will pull you over. You will still have to deal with the consequences, sometimes even years later. I can make that process easier, and it will cost less than you may expect.

“I sent them the ticket by fax and never called them again. Then I get an email with the outcome of the case and I couldn’t be more satisfied. Great lawyer.” – Yorllana, commercial vehicle citation

You can call the Law Offices of Thomas Carroll Blauvelt, LLC, at 877-676-7729 seven days a week. For more than two decades, I have helped out-of-state drivers and employers successfully resolve their New Jersey traffic matters.

A Ticket In New Jersey Can Impact Your License In Another State Now And In The Future

The Driver License Compact (DLC) is an agreement to which nearly all 50 states are parties. Under this compact, motor vehicle divisions agree to share information concerning traffic convictions and license suspensions.

The DLC facilitates communication, but does not create a uniform standard for how offenses should be treated under state law. A ticket that may be worth zero points in New Jersey could be worth five in your home state.

What about a past ticket issued in New Jersey? An old or unresolved ticket can have a lasting impact, from increased insurance rates to hindering the ability to renew or obtain your driver’s license in another jurisdiction. We help resolve tickets whether they were issued now or in the past.

Attorney Blauvelt “helped me get an unusual traffic violation dismissed while living in a different state. Communicated effectively and was persistent. I would certainly recommend Thomas for traffic court; he saved me a 15-hour drive and unneeded stress and worry. Other lawyers didn’t get back to me due to the nature of the case, but his team responded promptly. Great work.” — Jerry, speeding ticket

Call Or Email Me Seven Days A Week | I Can Work To Accommodate You

Regardless of whether you are still in New Jersey or if you have already returned home, I can accommodate your needs. We can arrange to communicate by phone, through email, over FaceTime or by other means that work best for you.

Schedule your first consultation by calling my law firm at 877-676-7729 or sending me your information online.

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