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Expunge Your Juvenile Record

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Expunge Your Juvenile Record

Everyone thinks that if it happened when you are under 18, it’s confidential. However, juvenile records are not as protected as you are led to believe. Obtaining an expungement, or sealing a juvenile record, is the only way to ensure that your child’s juvenile record doesn’t follow them into adulthood.

At the Law Offices of Thomas Carroll Blauvelt, LLC, I help children expunge their criminal records and enter their adult lives with a clean slate.

Once your child has obtained an expungement, he or she will not have to disclose any information about past mistakes. It will be as if it never happened.

When Does My Child Qualify For Expungement?

In New Jersey, there is a waiting period before an expungement can be requested. In general, juvenile charges that were dismissed or that resulted in an acquittal can be expunged, as can criminal convictions, if the following conditions are met:

  • It has been five years since the child was released from custody or supervision.
  • The child has not been convicted of any further crimes.
  • No criminal matters are pending.
  • The child has never been convicted of an adult offense or been charged with an adult crime that was dismissed due to completion of a diversion program.

What Offenses Can Be Expunged?

Many crimes can be expunged in New Jersey, including disorderly person offenses, municipal violations and indictable offenses. However, not all crimes, even those committed by juveniles, are eligible for expungement. In New Jersey, motor vehicle offenses, serious drug crimes, sex crimes, murder, kidnapping, robbery, arson and certain other violent offenses cannot be expunged.

Contact Juvenile Defense Attorney Thomas Blauvelt

If your child has a juvenile record, there is a chance it will hinder their ability to go to college, enter the military and choose certain career paths. Don’t let a mistake made as a minor hinder their opportunities. Instead, contact a lawyer to help with expungement.

For more information, call my office at 877-676-7729 or contact me online. I am available seven days a week and provide free consultations.

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