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Too Many Tickets On A Probationary License

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Too Many Tickets On A Probationary License

Studies show that a young driver is most likely to be in a major car accident within the first 12 months of driving. A concern about inexperienced drivers’ ability to handle the many challenges of driving (as well as the high-accident rate for this age group) is the primary logic behind a probationary license period. What this essentially means is that rather than give new drivers unfettered access to the roads, they will be able to drive but their first year of driving will come with certain restrictions intended to limit common distractions. These limitations include things like: No driving between the hours of 11:01 p.m. and 5:00 a.m., no use of cellphones, limitations on number of passengers and a decal indicating probationary status affixed to your car.

Although this is an exciting time of increased independence, receiving a ticket during the probationary period can have a devastating effect. Put simply — there is much less room for error when it comes to these novice class of drivers and the potential for a drivers’ license suspension. Here’s what novice drivers need to know:

  • The New Jersey courts do not accept a plea to a no-point violation on probationary licenses
  • If a driver receives two infractions totaling three or more points, he or she must take and pass a driver improvement course. Additionally, failure to take the class or if the driver receives more points, then the state will try to suspend their license.

Not only does a license suspension delay the license process but also results in higher insurance rates. When you receive too many tickets on a probationary license in New Jersey, you will be notified by the New Jersey MVC that your license is being suspended for this reason, the duration of the suspension and the suspension start date.

There are options when you receive this notice but time is of the essence, and working with an experienced attorney can help get you the results you want.

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