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What Causes Surcharges?

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What Causes Surcharges?

Getting a traffic ticket in New Jersey can take years to resolve if not handled properly. Attaching surcharges to New Jersey traffic and criminal violations is a huge moneymaker for the state and a financial duty you should not ignore! Simply put, a surcharge is a fine assessed by the state for drivers convicted of a specific offense (i.e. DWI) or that have excessive points on their driving record. Here are some important things to know about New Jersey surcharges

  • Excessive points: One of the most common ways to get assessed with a New Jersey surcharge is to have over six points placed on your driving record in the past three years. The total number of points is based on the date the violation is posted to your driving record and starts at $150 for six points and goes up $25 for each additional point.
  • Separate from fines: One thing many of my clients do not realize is that New Jersey surcharges are in addition to court-imposed fines and penalties. Keeping track of all your financial obligations as they relate to a ticket or other offense can be a confusing thing, so working with an experienced New Jersey traffic ticket attorney can help.
  • License suspension: Failure to pay your New Jersey surcharges will result in the suspension of your drivers’ license.

As logic would have it, the more serious the traffic offense, the higher the surcharge amount. All New Jersey surcharges last for at least two years. Here’s a look at some common surcharges:

  • $150 — six points and $25 for each additional point
  • $100 — driving while unlicensed
  • $250 — driving while suspended
  • $100 — failing to insure a MOPED
  • $250 — operating an uninsured vehicle
  • $250 — pleading guilty to unsafe driving (court-imposed surcharge)
  • $1000 a year for three years for driving while intoxicated or refusing to take the Breathalyzer (applies to first and second offenses).

The bottom line is this: avoid New Jersey surcharges by fighting the charges against you. If it is too late for that or unavoidable make sure you are paying your surcharges on time to avoid further issues with driving privileges and increased fines.

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