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A common offense, a New Jersey burglary charge can take various forms, but one thing is for certain, the punishments attached to a conviction are severe! N.J.S.A. 2C:18-2 covers this important area of New Jersey criminal law, which essentially prohibits the unauthorized entry (or remaining somewhere for longer than you are allowed) for the purpose of committing an offense (such as robbery or vandalism). There are the more obvious burglary cases in which an individual breaks into a house and intends to steal valuables; and there are the less obvious ones that may involve an employee of a company illegally staying after work hours to commit a crime like stealing proprietary information or vandalism. Working with an experienced New Jersey burglary attorney can help to reduce or eliminate the charges against you.

When handing down penalties for a burglary conviction, the court takes everything from the circumstance of the burglary as well as any past criminal record into account. Some of the penalties attached to a New Jersey burglary conviction include:

  • Jail time (three to five years for third degree)
  • Heavy fines ($15,000 for a third degree, up to $150,000 for a second degree)
  • Probation
  • Community service

And of course, in addition to all the penalties listed above, those individuals convicted of burglary in New Jersey will also have a criminal record to answer to for years to come. For many individuals, it is the presence of a criminal record that has the most devastating impact on their day-to-day life.

A New Jersey criminal record can stand in the way of employment, housing, insurance and travel opportunities and not something you ever want to deal with! New Jersey burglary cases are more complicated than meets the eye, do not make the mistake of simply accepting the charges against you. There are many legal defenses to this charge that can help limit the impact it has on your life or eliminate it all together! Get in touch with the Law Offices of Thomas Carroll Blauvelt, LLC, today to learn about your options and how he can help you.

The Law Offices Of Thomas Carroll Blauvelt, LLC

With 28 years of experience including work as a municipal prosecutor and public defender, Thomas Carroll Blauvelt has the professional resume you want fighting against your New Jersey burglary charge. I know both sides of the law and the best arguments and defenses to make in your case.

I understand how confusing and scary being charged with a crime can be and I can assure that when you hire the Law Offices of Thomas Carroll Blauvelt, LLC, I will be working on your case personally. I offer a free initial consultation to answer any questions and concerns you may have about your case. If you have recently been charged with burglary in New Jersey, do not hesitate to give me a call at 877-676-7729, because the sooner you act the better for you. I look forward to speaking with you!

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