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Passing School Bus

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Passing A School Bus

Present A Compelling Defense Now. The Consequences Are Serious.

Under New Jersey law, passing a school bus is a five-point traffic violation. In reality, you could face much more than the addition of five points to your driving record. Municipal court judges take these cases seriously, handing out maximum fines and refusing to listen to your side of the story. In many instances, you could be required to:

  • Pay heavy surcharges and increased insurance rates
  • Find alternative transportation due to license suspension
  • Complete community service
  • Spend more than two weeks in jail

Do not just automatically accept these consequences. Contact The Law Offices of Thomas Carroll Blauvelt, LLC, at 877-676-7729 to aggressively fight the offense and any additional charges if you were cited for passing a school bus. I provide honest representation at a fee that makes hiring a lawyer to resolve your matter an easy decision.

“There are good lawyers, there are great lawyers and then there is Mr. Blauvelt. He stands in a class of his own as by far the BEST lawyer I have ever had the pleasure of dealing with. I have hired him twice, and both times he handled my cases better than I could have ever thought possible.” — Joe, a former client

School Bus Violations Involve More Than ‘Passing’

New Jersey officers treat passing a school bus as seriously as the court does. If an officer determines that you have violated the state requirements regarding school buses, he or she will pull you over. Bus drivers may even file a complaint based on their own observations.

Under the law, you are required to:

  • Stop at least 25 feet from a school bus with its warning lights on
  • Remain stopped until all children are on the bus or have reached the side of the road
  • Slow down to 10 mph if traveling in the opposite direction of a stopped bus on a road with a safety island or median
  • Proceed under 10 mph after the bus has begun moving

Let Me Help You Tell Your Side Of The Story

I promise to work diligently to resolve your matter if you have been charged with passing a school bus. I am a hands-on attorney who knows municipal court judges and will make your side of the story heard.

Call my office at 877-676-7729 any day of the week or send me your information online.

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