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Thomas Carroll Blauvelt

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Client Reviews

Simply brilliant. Received a 95 mph ticket from a state trooper on the New Jersey Turnpike claiming I was doing “110 mph.”Long story short, after around an hour or so in court, the ticket was reduced to a summons with NO points.

Thomas has helped me out with my most recent and past traffic incidents. I hired Thomas initially for a 102 in 65, reckless and improper lane change.

Excellent service with best possible outcome. I can highly recommend him. And I will be thankful forever for what he as done for me. He delivered what he expected to be the outcome.

I cannot thank Mr. Blauvelt enough for all he did in order for me to get my Florida license back. I always felt like I was his only client; he always answered my emails and phone calls himself and I just found that so amazing.

His personal relationships at the court house definitely made the difference

After being laid off from two jobs with the recession, I finally found myself on the road to full-time employment after five years of part-time work. I got a CDL and was about to go full time with a major transportation company when I got what I believed to an unjustified 4-point speeding ticket. I saw this firm’s ads and the good reviews, and decided to give them a shot. I arrived at the Sayreville courthouse at the appointed time. Mr. Blauvelt was running late and while waiting, I observed several attorneys, police officers and ticket recipients all working with the prosecutor to work out deals. It was a very somber atmosphere in there and not a lot of happy faces. When Mr. Blauvelt arrived, he gave me the bad news that based on some correspondence he had received from the prosecutor’s office. it was extremely unlikely that I could get out without a moving violation when 4 points were involved, and any moving violation would end my new career before it even started. It was a heartbreaking moment. He said he would see what he could do and headed into the prosecutor’s office. There were two officers in there for some reason at the time. Within a few minutes, I heard laughing, peeked in the door, and saw all four of them smiling and joking around…..not the somber mood of the last hour. He came out with a plea that still involved a substantial fine, but was enough of a “nonmoving” violation to keep me my job. I was overjoyed as I can’t tell you how bad my life would have gotten if I’d had to face unemployment again. At the time, Mr. Blauvelt cautioned that it was a very unusual deal, and we still had to see if the judge would go for it. We went into the courtroom to see the judge and that’s when the joy began to fade….I had observed the judge earlier and he was not a pushover as people presented their plea deals. We were called up and after a few moment’s reading, the judge looked up and said, ” No, …. I just can’t do this….it’s too much of a drop for a 4-point summons”…. He called Mr. Blauvelt up to the front and they spoke for a few minutes…..wasn’t sure what was going on, but I was praying as hard as I ever had. The next thing I knew, the judge was dismissing my case, and I was walking out of the courtroom. Apparently, in those few minutes talking to the judge, Mr. Blauvelt was able to communicate the humanity of my situation to the judge, and touch on an empathy in him that I hadn’t seen come out that night. I have no doubt that had I had a different attorney without that interpersonal relationship with the court, my outcome would not have been as “life-saving” as what Mr. Blauvelt was able to obtain. Thank you again, and thanks to the wonderful staff at the office for all your help along the way!

– Bob, a Speeding Ticket client (5 star review)

An excellent DUI/DWI attorney — very smart, experienced and responsive

Thomas was great. He explained all of the options in my DUI and speeding case. He recommended a talented DUI consultant who reviewed my case, and found testing device errors and inconsistencies. Thomas kept me in the loop at all times and was very responsive, within minutes, to every question I had. The DUI was dropped in the case by the judge, and I was very satisfied with the outcome. Thanks again, Thomas.

– a client (5 star review)

Highly Responsive & Effective. Very Impressed

Extremely responsive and attentive. Hired him for a 4-point traffic case. Resolved painlessly for zero points without even having to go to court (affidavit after he negotiated plea).

After court made mistake reporting DMV points, he instantly responded to our email and helped us resolve in less than 24 hours…at no charge.

Very impressed.

– Dave, a Speeding Ticket client (5 star review)

Top notch

Speeding home from work the other evening, I was pulled over by a couple of over-the-top state troopers.
Over the top because they swore I was under the influence because I had been weaving when in actuality I had the flu and I sneezed losing my bearings for a split second. They wouldn’t hear it. They arrested me for being under the influence and gifted me with an unofficial record of eight summonses. I thought I would never drive again. I had nowhere to turn, after losing my family attorney to cancer. I enlisted the help of the internet to find a new lawyer. In my search, this lawyer Thomas Carroll Blauvelt kept coming up as a top-rated lawyer. Being skeptical that he sounded too good to be true, I was desperate what did I have to lose. I contacted Thomas to handle my case. He’s the real deal when we went to trial; NO DUI and the eight summonses pleaded down to only one. I have found myself a new family law attorney. I would highly recommend & Bless Thomas Carroll Blauvelt. TOP NOTCH.

– DUI client (5 star review)

This man has truly saved me

I hired Tom for a DUI case that I was involved in, I was looking at getting my driving privileges suspended for seven months and an interlock device for one year after I received my license back. At the end of it all, I only lost my license for three months with no interlock device needed! I promise you, Tom is your best hope when it comes to DUI cases. DO NOT LOOK ELSEWHERE.

– Dimitri, a DUI client (5 star review)

Skillful advocacy plus unyielding determination plus responsiveness to client = “Top-Notch Lawyer”

I retained Mr. Blauvelt to represent me in connection with several traffic offenses that could have resulted in potential jail sentence and further suspension of my driving privileges. Mr. Blauvelt was unrelenting in vigorously defending me and did not waver in pressing my case to a favorable conclusion. He would not even accept for my license to be suspended for a single day. Mr. Blauvelt is well-regarded and respected in both of the courts in which he appeared on my behalf. In addition to being a skillful advocate, Mr. Blauvelt is very personable and took a personal interest in my case. Because of his efforts, I will have my license restored tomorrow. Without hesitation or reservation, I recommend Mr. Blauvelt to handle your legal matter.

– Louis, a Speeding Ticket client (5 star review)

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